Healthy cake!

Healthy cake!

I know I’m not alone when I say after the lovely rich food eaten over Christmas, the New Year brings a fresh start and time to resist cakes, sweets and biscuits (for a little while anyway!), so I thought I would share this with you.  A friend of mine, who is a nutritionist, made this deliciously healthy carrot and apple cake.  I have adapted it slightly so that it contains even more goodness.  It contains no butter or refined sugar and is packed with nuts and seeds too.  In place of sugar I’ve used agave syrup (nectar) which has as many calories as refined sugar (60 cal per tbs) but is sweeter, so you need less. You really can eat this and not feel too guilty! This is the recipe.


1/4 pt olive oil (I use the Light and Mild flavour)

95 g wheat flour

95 g plain flour

6 tbsp organic agave syrup (can be found in the supermarkets) or plain honey

50 g sultanas

1 orange zest

2 apples (grated)

2 large carrots (grated)

3 eggs (beaten)

85 g walnuts (chopped)

2 tsp sunflower seeds

To decorate:

various dried fruit and nuts with melted apricot jam brushed over the top


Simply mix all the ingredients together and pour into a greased and lined 8″ round tin. Cook at 180 C/350 F or Gas 4 for 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Here are some photos of one that I made.  This quantity also makes a 6″ round tin and 6 cupcakes as demonstrated in the photos.  The cupcakes are decorated with sliced dried apricots and sprinkled with poppy seeds, sitting on a rolled icing disc (I know, rolled icing, but it can easily be removed if you are strong enough!).


Irish coffee cupcakes

Irish coffee cupcakes

Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Thought I’d make these miniature irish coffee cupcakes for a BBQ we were going to last night. Four or five of them didn’t make it out of the house though, as you can just pop them in whole (without the wrapper)!  I sprinkled them with coffee and glitter which made them look really pretty when they sparkled in the candle and fairy lights.  Also, I added extra whisky in the buttercream which worked really well. Should have taken a photo by candle light, but they didn’t last long enough for me to get my camera!