Chihuahua and cake crumbs

It’s snowing again and it’s nearly Easter and Summer?!  When the weather’s this bad, my son, James (his legs and feet below) likes to bake.  He made this wonderful victoria sponge cake, which was appreciated by ALL the family, which includes Percy, our chihuahua.  I took this photo quickly and had to share it as it makes us laugh.  I just managed to capture him liking his face having hoovered up all the cake crumbs.  I once did an experiment by putting down a piece of cake next to his food bowl – he chose the cake then his food!  I know we shouldn’t feed him cake and we don’t usually, but he is always optimistically pacing the kitchen floor.



Bored chihuahua looking for trouble!

This is our very cute, but naughty chihuahua, Percy.  I followed him around with my camera, at first he was suspicious, but he soon carried on creating chaos as normal.  Here he is by the bin (he still can’t reach it despite balancing perfectly on two legs, which he can do for ages),


he loves to steal and hide washing too! and at last a little lie down in a pair of boots.



Dog cake

I have made a few dog cakes so far (will post the others soon) for dog loversImageImageImage.  This one was for my 20 year old daughter.  It’s her beloved chihuahua Percy.  He is always stealing things and he loves to steal my sons teddy, so I included this too.  I added chocolate sprinkles to the food bowl for dog food and gel for the water. The cake is victoria sponge with raspberry buttercream, one of my daughter favourites.