Icing run out biscuit – good, bad & ugly!

Thought I’d post this….. people say I’m good at all this stuff. Well here is a disaster – it’s a gingerbread heart biscuit with a piped outline and runout icing in the centre. Could have thrown the first one in the bin and given up, but perfect by the 3rd attempt. Sometimes you have just got to walk away, make a cup of tea and try again!


Fish cake

It’s my husbands birthday today and he loves to fish, but he isn’t very lucky.  So here is his birthday cake with the fish getting away from the line again!  The fish is made from carved cupcakes.ImageImage

Mulberry handbag cake

This chocolate sponge Mulberry handbag cake was made for an 18 year olds birthday party. I added a sparkler candle to theImage MAC lipstick. She wanted a Mulberry bag for her birthday and ended up with two, one cake and the real thing!  I am really pleased with the leather look icing as I was not sure how it would turn out, but will definitely be using this again.ImageImageImage

Afternoon tea in the winter sun

Ok so technically it’s not winter, but at 3 degrees, if may as well be!  Here is a little picture I took to cheer us all up, it’s some new china that I’ve added to the Viintage Allsorts & Cake collection for our afternoon tea business. Lovely window seat bathed in sunlight, fire on and getting ready for afternoon tea to share with friends.  Bliss.  Image.



Turnip cake.

I made this turnip cake and delivered it to a hotel ready for the party. The manager wondered why I was carrying a turnip in a cake box!  The turnip was made from vanilla sponge with strawberry ice-cream flavoured buttercream. It was ordered for a man who hates turnips and so his girlfriend had the brilliant idea of having me make this for a laugh!IMG_1790