Mulberry handbag cake

This chocolate sponge Mulberry handbag cake was made for an 18 year olds birthday party. I added a sparkler candle to theImage MAC lipstick. She wanted a Mulberry bag for her birthday and ended up with two, one cake and the real thing!  I am really pleased with the leather look icing as I was not sure how it would turn out, but will definitely be using this again.ImageImageImage

Afternoon tea in the winter sun

Ok so technically it’s not winter, but at 3 degrees, if may as well be!  Here is a little picture I took to cheer us all up, it’s some new china that I’ve added to the Viintage Allsorts & Cake collection for our afternoon tea business. Lovely window seat bathed in sunlight, fire on and getting ready for afternoon tea to share with friends.  Bliss.  Image.



Turnip cake.

I made this turnip cake and delivered it to a hotel ready for the party. The manager wondered why I was carrying a turnip in a cake box!  The turnip was made from vanilla sponge with strawberry ice-cream flavoured buttercream. It was ordered for a man who hates turnips and so his girlfriend had the brilliant idea of having me make this for a laugh!IMG_1790