Afternoon tea

Cake has been very busy working on a new venture, in addition to creating party cakes, I have joined forces with Vintage Allsorts (suppliers of vintage chinaware, glass and cutlery) and we have created Vintage Allsorts & cake.  We will be supplying afternoon tea, both traditional and themed party, for all events.  Here are a couple of photos of what we can do.  The first is a traditional afternoon tea set up, the second is a more contemporary afternoon tea party.  A facebook page is being set up and I will post when done if you want to take a look.  Roll on summer.!! xImage


Chihuahua and cake crumbs

It’s snowing again and it’s nearly Easter and Summer?!  When the weather’s this bad, my son, James (his legs and feet below) likes to bake.  He made this wonderful victoria sponge cake, which was appreciated by ALL the family, which includes Percy, our chihuahua.  I took this photo quickly and had to share it as it makes us laugh.  I just managed to capture him liking his face having hoovered up all the cake crumbs.  I once did an experiment by putting down a piece of cake next to his food bowl – he chose the cake then his food!  I know we shouldn’t feed him cake and we don’t usually, but he is always optimistically pacing the kitchen floor.



Designer shoe disaster

This cake was for a lovely lady that has just got a job in Australia as a fashion buyer, her mum and dad are having a send off party for her and ordered it as a surprise.  The theme was designer fashion, Australia and work shoes.  It was all boxed up and ready to deliver this morning.  But after coming home past midnight last night, I thought I would just check on the cake and the shoes had collapsed.  Arghh!  Up at 6 a.m. this morning making another pair (smaller this time) and delivered the cake to a very happy customer, new shoes still intact.  Phew, near disaster missed!!

Here is the first pair (broken) and the finished cake.