Big flower cupcakes

One good thing about all this rainy windy weather we are having is that I have an excuse to stay in and bake, bake, bake!  Thought I’d try out some more versions of flowers to put on my cupcakes and I feel like making big flowers to make an impact and because I’m ready for spring time!  These look stunning in either plain white, or with slightly powdered colour (as I’ve used here) or really vibrant bright sugar paste.


Girly pink theatrical cake for a 12 year old


This cake was really good fun to make, I have made some cupcakes for this customer in the past and she said that she trusted me to design it, so I had a free reign, provided I included certain features. I was asked to make a pink and girly two tiered cake for a 12 year old.  Not too grown up, not too babyish, as 12 year olds are at that tricky in-between age.  This birthday girl loves handbags, tiaras, shoes, pink, glitter and cake.  The top tier is chocolate and the bottom tier is victoria sponge with raspberry buttercream.  This was a challenge for me for many reasons as I made my first shoe, my first tiara and my first photo frame made from icing.  I added the feathers and pearls to give it a theatrical feel and the edible gold bows for a bit of bling.  There are 10 individually designed icing handbags (one for each of the guests) and everything is covered in glitter.  This cake looks so much better in real life than in the photos as the glitter shows up more. The customer was delighted with it, which is such a pleasure to see.

Chocolate, raspberry and meringue cupcake.


I wanted to share this cupcake with you as it’s really delicious.  It a chocolate, raspberry and meringue cupcake. The cupcake is quite rich and the meringue is light and fluffy combined and the sharpness combined with the sweetness of the meringue and chocolate cupcake works really well.  I also make this with a lemon cupcake, filled with lemon curd and topped with meringue, which is also delicious.  You could add anything to the meringue, such as chocolate sauce if you have a really sweet tooth.

Here is the recipe. (makes 12)

Chocolate cupcake:

175 g caster sugar

175 g butter

3 eggs

160 g self raising flour

50 g good quality chocolate powder

150 g of cream or milk

For the Meringue

3 eggs

175 g caster sugar


Mix the butter and sugar until pale in colour and add the eggs one by one.  Then add the flour and cocoa powder and fold.  Add the milk or cream last and combine until well mixed. Fill 12 cupcake cases and bake at 180 c for 20 minutes or until they spring up when touched. Leave to cool completely.

For the meringue, separate the eggs carefully and put the whites into a clean mixing bowl. Beat until they form soft peaks.  Then add the caster sugar 1/4 at a time and continue to beat.  Puree the raspberries by heating them in a saucepan until they breakdown (if you like them quite lumpy, then don’t heat mush them too much).  Add some of the raspberry puree to the meringue mixture and swirl slightly with a fork, keeping some back to put inside the cupcake and drizzle on top at the end.

When the cupcakes are cooled, scoop a hole in the centre of each and place some of the puree inside then pipe the meringue mixture on top.  Put the cupcakes back in the oven at 180 c for 5 minutes (or until slightly browned) and drizzle over remaining puree.